Cardiology 2015

Cardiology 2015
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Question 1
What is the pathological process which would cause this appearance in a left heart catheter trace? .

  • A. Mitral stenosis
  • B. Aortic stenosis
  • C. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • D. Aortic regurgitation

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This is the brockenbrough-braunwald-morrow sign on left heart cath. Gradient increase in the postextrasystolic beat, increases subvalvular stenoses - so HOCM

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Question 2
An 80 year old man with a background of chronic atrial fibrillation has been admitted to hospital with sepsis. During his admission he is noted to be in fast AF with a rate of 152 bpm. What would be the best drug to manage his fast AF?

  • A. Amiodarone
  • B. Flecainide
  • C. Lidocaine
  • D. Verapamil
  • E. Metoprolol

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