82yo F with shortness of breath

82yo F with shortness of breath
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(Jun Dai) #1

1. Case

Presentation. 82yo F with Shortness of breath

Background. HTN

Examination. Comfortable at rest
Ejection systolic murmur
JVP not raised
No crackles
No pedal oedema

Progress & Plan.

What is the likely diagnosis?

Aortic stenosis - mild-moderate

Annual TTE to monitor


What is your approach to Aortic stenossi?

  1. Differential diagnoses
    a. TR
    b. MR
    c. PS
    d. HCM
    e. ASD
  2. Investigations
  3. Treatment
How do you assess severity of AS?

Thrill, Soft S2, delayed peaking, harshness, plateud radial pulse
Signs of Heart failure like crackles, S4

Echo criteria for severity?

AV daimeter <1cm
Mean gradient > 40mmHg
Flow > 4m/s
Decreased EF


Key points. N/A

About the case. N/A

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(tensorflow) #2

What are the indications for TAVI - does the type of valve e.g. subvalvular/valvular/supravalbular matter? Do you know the prognosis, and is it indicated in a well low-risk 82yo?